Product Description

Sarcochilus Bushfire 50mm tubes – registered in 2013 by Woolf orchid culture this is a modern hybrid on the front line of stunning yellows with spashes and circles, (Sarcochilus Kunama x Aurora) here is a great article on the progression of Yellow hybrids in Sarcochilus orchids, from something that was rarely seen there are now plenty of yellows out there. Yellow Sarcochilus  In this case Bushfire has the yellow coming from the alba gene as well as from the hirticalcar in the parents.   Sarcochilus Aurora Sarcochilus Kunama

Update 27/09/2016 – these are mostly in bud in 50mm tubes! Some will go on ebay if flower and the rest will be potted up at some stage over the next few months so if you want one grab it now!