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I have been growing orchids since I was 15 and 16, starting with Australian Natives in a custom built bush house in my Parents backyard (I must have had pretty cool parents it seems) back then the way to buy orchids was to send a stamped self addressed envelope off to all the nurseries and get a catalog back in the mail – such excitement. I remember buying Sarcochilus from Simpson orchids, both seedlings and flasks and I am pretty sure I also bought some orchids from Tinonee & Cedarvale as a teenager. I am pretty sure back then their catalogues were multi pages glossy deals. Oh how the world has changed. Discovering Waynes in the early 2000s (then young nursery) re-invigorated the hobby for me with easy access to good growing advice and all the tools and bits and prices we all need at cheap prices made everything so much more enjoyable and made larger scale growing far easier. Since then ebay and online selling has changed the hobby – perhaps permanently. The joy of getting a glossy catalogue in the mail to dream about is for the most part gone, replaced with shiny multi colored photos on websites. While this has some downsides the acceleration in native hybridisation driven (in my opinion) by Wayne with his nursery along with the general ease of distribution of orchids facilitated by the internet has┬áhad a huge impact on our natives – taking them to places you could have only dreamt of 20 years ago. It also obviously has some downsides…issues of integrity of plant material and the continuity of breeding lines top of the list for me.

Together with my Wife Lisa and 2 boys Jack & Max we run Aquarius orchids which is just a massively over sized hobby. If you have any doubt you can check my real job here: LinkedIN we deflask around 1000-2000 plants per year of our own breeding as well as the breeding of others – why? Because we love orchids and there is nothing better than flowering 10-20 plants from one flask, even better if its your own breeding. It is also hard at times to get hold of certain orchids other than by buying them in flask…I am also passionate about propagating species and keeping the “hobby” alive with most native orchid breeding in Australia driven by back yard operators and mad as collectors and hobbyists I don’t want to see that die with the retirement either already happened or on the cards of the current nursery owners / crazy hobbyists / mad scientist lab people who are all so critical to keep the hobby alive & vibrant.

With still 80-90% natives we now have cold growing species of all sorts and a fair number of Zygos and Cyms encouraged by Lisas love of large green flowered orchids.

We hope you enjoy our site – We have been a bit busy with building a new house & our new baby boy Max over the last year or so but will aim to update the site every 3-4 months with our current seedlings available so check back every now & then.

We are a 100% mail order business – either through this site or via ebay – sorry but we both have full time jobs and we have 2 young boys to chase around which keeps us very busy.

More on our growing techniques