With Melbourne just creeping into its second heat wave I thought it might be helpfull to explain what we are doing right now in our sarcochilus house.

On Hot days say 35+ 

  1. The mounted plants get watered in the morning and all floors watered
  2. At least once more we do the same – typically at 2 or 3pm
  3. Once the heat of the day is just starting to ebb say 4 or 5pm we water everything heavily. This act of watering drops the temp in the house by 10 degrees or more as well as physically cooling the plants themselves

On cooler days 

  1. Again floors and mounted plants watered in the morning 
  2. On cooler days we will repeat this at least once in the arvo – possibly again on dusk. 
  3. We revert back to watering when the plants are dry (every 2-3 days)

In our sarc house we also have humidification misters running to keep the humidity up. 

Hopefully that helps – I am not trying to say what we do is best – its just the way we do things, remember your conditions may be different especially if you are not in Vic / Melbourne.