A few people have asked us why dont we sell heaps of yellow Sarcochilus in flower on ebay…3 reasons – one is the yellows are slower to flower than reds for us, second the “alba” based yellows and salmons are not gauranteed to flower yellow so some crosses can have 25% or less yellows. But the main reason is simple – they are sold! with the popularity of the colours yellow and peach anything with yellow potential sells quickly.

At the moment we have 6 yellow / orange / peach crosses on the website as unflowered crosses in 50mm pots.

Sarcochilus var aqualis “yellow” x “brown” should be mostly true alba flowers like this:

^^this style of flower is what I consider a “true alba” and has always been around as opposed to the more recent alba based yellows and peaches where the colouration spreads over most / all of the petals. This modern yellow has been cleverly bred by using rescesive alba genes to generate yellow flowers from red parents.

Of this modern style alba yellow we have 3 Amber x hartmannii crosses – the one crossed to hartmannii “orange centres” will most likely be white with orange centres based on a few we have flowered the other 2 should be a mix of yellow centres and peaches. For me this style of breeding is needed in the yellows as the hartmannii will improve the raceme strength and quality of the flowers.

Sarcochilus Riverdene re-make – this is different than the other yellows as it is based on the true yellow pigment rather than alba breeding. Riverdene is a very important breeding parent being a parent of both Misty and Velvet – here the yellow comes from s hirticalcar. The Riverdene in our photo is Riverdene “holly” one of the original Riverdenes used by DUNO many years ago. Hopefully this new crop will be an improvement on old girl Holly.

Sarcochilis Bushfire – a crosss made by Woolf orchids in QLD is also a modern style alba cross – when these are yellow they are stunning, unfortunately the % which are yellow is low – perhaps 25% – the rest are high quality whites or white with red spots. Overall not a bad cross the spotted ones have very strong racemes and very even true spotting.

Thats it for now – we still have all of these left in limited numbers. Soon we will pot the rest of these up to 80mm to hold and flower and list up the next crop of crosses. Perhaps in Jan or Feb.