Hi All,

Welcome to our new site – sorry but in the changeover we have lost a bit of data so let me start from the beginning again, we have been growing orchids for a good 20 years now maybe a little bit over. Starting with natives we now dabble a bit with some other cool growing species as you can see but natives out number non natives in the orchid house at least 100:1. We are really just hobbyists like you so no acres and acres of orchids, just a few hundred m2 in the back yard and an obsession to collect, grow and conserve native orchids. We only buy orchids we love – never because we think they will be popular or look great on ebay, often we buy in flask and breed our own which leaves us with too many plants to keep and so what you see here is orchids we love – just cant fit anymore. We hope you love them too 🙂

Over the next couple of months I will get the stock list updated